Answers After Breast Surgery
Breast surgery may leave you feeling as if you are no longer in control.  But the truth is that you
can regain some peace of mind by taking charge of the things you can control.  One way to do
this is to explore all your options and plan for your needs...we have the knowledge and
to help.

The Ritz addresses many of the important issues only a woman who has been through breast
surgery can understand and appreciate.  From leaving the hospital with a camisole, throughout
recovery and beyond, our specialty garments offer women a lifetime of self-assurance and
What can you expect from The Ritz:

One or more of our compassionate,
certified fitters are always on hand
to give you the personal service you
deserve.  Appointments are not
necessary, however, it may
guarantee complete one-on-one

Private, comfortable and cozy fitting
rooms created with you in mind.

We offer solutions to help any type
of breast surgery, whether
mastectomy, lumpectomy,  
reconstruction, reduction or

The Ritz continually offers the most
innovative post surgery options...
leisure, silicone and even swim
breast prosthesis.

We have partial shapers to regain
breast balance and symmetry after
breast conserving surgery,
reconstruction, uneven breasts...etc.

Post-surgical bras and camisoles
with optional drainage tube pockets.

Beautiful pocketed bras, swimsuits,
day and nightwear.
Amoena Post-surgery
pocketed bra
Amoena Breast
Amoena pocketed