Certified  Bra Fitting
Why get fit??
Think of a great-fitting bra as your hidden advantage and it can literally perform miracles.  It
supports, shapes and lifts both your mood and your figure.  Industry experts agree that an ill-fitting
or unsupportive bra can result in back pain, shoulder pain, improper posture, a generally
uncomfortable or exhausted feeling, and failure of the lymph nodes to adequately drain. Lymphatic
drainage restriction can lead to any number of health issues.

Getting professionally fit will help you avoid the normal mistakes women make when buying bras
on their own.  Many women blame their own body for the fit problems they have.  The truth is the
bra industry can be very confusing and women are embarrassed to seek professional help.  There
are sizing inconsistencies from bra maker to bra maker, along with so many bra frames, materials
and styles to sort out.  The Ritz breast care consultants have been professionally trained and
certified.  Let us advise you on the styles, brands and fit that compliments your body's unique
shape.  We know that we can help 99% of all women to feel better by looking taller and thinner.  
When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!

Change is another important reason to be professionally fit.  The truth is, the average woman's
breasts will change shape, size and distribution at least 6 times during the course of her life.  
Here are some lifestyle events that cause breast change:
A good bra is just a professional bra-fitting away...call or email us to make your appointment with
one of our certified bra fitters...or just stop in!  Imagine how intense and powerful this experience
could be for a woman, whether a teenager, a new mom, a 50+ wife who thought she was  
powerless to change her figure and her self-image.  This is what we love about what we do and
why we have so much passion for our profession and for creating breast care awareness in
Weight loss or gain

Birth control, hormone
replacement therapy,
cortisone and other

An increase or decrease
in exercise

Pregnancy and/or

Breast augmentation or
reconstruction with the
possibility of symmetry