Compression Garments
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Compression Garment fitters.  
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The Ritz is proud to be your Juzo dealer in Northwest Ohio.  Since 1912, Juzo has been a
pioneer of new technologies, whether it’s designing a more comfortable garment or
incorporating other technological advances such as our FiberSoft™ technology. Their
philosophy has always been that medical garments should not inhibit a person’s lifestyle.  
They have led the compression therapy garment industry in creating a high quality product that
offers its customers freedom in motion and, in turn, the freedom to maintain their active

We offer a complete line of lymphedema products for both treatment and preventative care.  
From compression stockings to  arm sleeves and hand gauntlets.  Juzo garments are soft,
natural looking, breathable, and when cared for properly will maintain their compression.  

The Ritz's Certified Compression Garment Fitters are here for you.  Call us today to make an
Compression stockings and socks provide extrernal support to the
vein walls and work in conjunction with the calf muscle pump.  
Compression stockings improve circulation while helping to
minimize and control leg and ankle swelling.  The stockings are
available in a variety of colors and styles.  

We offer Over the Counter support stockings and socks
(prescription not needed), compression stockings and silver
compression garments (with prescription).  The Juzo Company has
the widest range of standard sizes and lengths.  This assures the
maximum number of patients a precise fit and optimal therapeutic
Compression Garments for arm and hand are an important tool in the
management of arm/hand swelling due to primary and secondary
lymphedema.  Compression gloves and gauntlet help manage lymph fluid
from accumulating in hand and fingers and encourage flow from the tissue.